Traveling can be painful, especially when the flight is seemingly unpleasant. Issues can arise and, if not handled with care, can leave for an unpleasant flight. Passengers are encouraged to do their research before booking a flight. It is seemingly pointless to book a flight without reading the reviews. This can cause for headaches and stress that could have otherwise been prevented. We discuss the best and worst airlines below to help save you some trouble.

Easy Jet is Britain’s largest airline and it is second place according to a new survey, which ranks the world’s worst airlines. Just above Easy Jet is the SATA carrier from Portugal.

With the help of AirHelp, Virgin Atlantic was able to generate a table that helps companies in providing help in the legal aspect of customer service. It also helps aid in any claims that may come from delayed flights.

34 airlines have been rated using three categories: carrier quality as rated by Skytrax, on-time flights, and the claim processing service.

The worst airlines across the world were determined using the Skytrax rating system. The survey looks at the performance of the airline over a year and the score is based on the “delay performance” score. This score is solely based on the data gathered from flight departures from the previous year. It is uncertain how the time difference was accounted for in calculating the overall scores.

Skytrax gave Easy Jet a four-star rating and ranked them worse than Ryanair. The Civil Aviation Authority warned this specific airline in the previous year in appending legal action in the failure to take care of claims that result from flight delays.

Easy Jet and Virgin Atlantic were doted as the worse airlines in the United Kingdom in terms of handling claims in the most recent survey. This survey collected data from approximately 235,000 passengers who filed claims against the airlines in a two and a half year time span. Officials at Easy Jet have been working hard to get the company back on track. They put in every effort to make contact with the customers in a three-day period with an answer. Their goal is to have the issue resolved in a 21-day period.

Now, looking at the opposite end of the listing, we see Qatar Airways. This company was rated towards the top of the survey alongside other companies such as KLM and Air France, to name a few. British Airlines was listed ninth in a list of ten airlines across the world. The same standards hold true for Qatar as they do for Easy Jet. The airline was evaluated on carrier quality as rated by Skytrax, on-time flights, and the claim processing service.

This information may or may not be relevant to your travels. You may come to the realization that you cannot always travel on the highest rated airlines. However, when a choice is available, I would recommend using this source and choose carefully.

Carlo_Barbieri,_ScrittoreDrafted in second half of the season in an attempt to rescue the team from relegation. Took over with just 4 points on the board and now the team have an outside chance of avoiding the drop. Known for his calmness and literal ability from the sidelines he is an obvious favourite amongst referees, responsible for making me walk 60 yards each game to do what the man in black should be. Has brightened up the dressing room with his tales of Porking whilst watching Match of the Day, reminds us constantly about how he has played for 31 years etccccccccccccc…. (god knows what he was doing for the other 25 years of his life then !), but well done to the Gaffer. Regrettably a serious knee injury has seemed to end his playing career but I have no doubt we will see him managing down the A’s for many years to come.

Greg Butowski – Assistant Manager

Joined with Carlo as part of the new management team. Another Old A’s legend and has added some noise on the pitch. Renowned for his after game match reports (actually he is still in the bar now, doing Saturday’s report !) and his lengthy showers, takes a long time to dry all that body hair, maybe shave it off and make a coat or something. Threatens to make it on time for a game soon, though it must be hard living 2 minutes away from the club !!! Great to have you back though Greg.

Jim Bebbington – Left Back

Nice guy, small but nice. Has been solid all season in the left back role and should be looking to move up the sides next season. Ferocious tackler and a very committed clubman, even has bought a jug now and then (butowski take note). Not totally sure about some of the “I have been fired out of a cannon” heading that goes on though, a great asset to the club and his fitted in well in his first season. Moving on to penalty kicks, I reckon if he takes another 5-6 pens, one might actually reach the goal, well its hard for someone that small to kick the ball 12 yards!…. Has to stop running off and trying wedding outfits on, though there is some doubt over this story as the rumour mill reckons he has been going to the same jacket shop as Davey Taylor.!!

Dave Taylor – Centre Back

Moved into the 7’s after being named 10th team player of the year last season. (Dave they are still short of a centre back in the 10’s !!!). Probably the most consistent player this season, and again capable of moving through the sides. Just needs to move away from his ex-netball days and remember use your feet not your hands. Renowned for definitely the worst jacket ever seen in the history of the entire solar system, just pulled that shocking display out of the hat one Saturday. How can one describe it, you know when a kid is like 2-3 years old and they come home with a painting where someone has thrown paint on paper and blown it around with a straw, and they tell you its actually a picture of the cat, well that’s the best image I can create when visualising that jacket. Good job he didn’t sign for Newcastle no bugger wears jackets up there.

Mick McClements – Centre Back/Sweeper

Drafted in along with all the other old gits for the second half of the season survival battle. Has bought in a wealth of experience and his touch and reading of the game shows what a good player he must have been when balls were pig-bladders and jumpers made goal-posts. A calming figure and rarely found (or is it fairly round) in a heated debate with opposing strikers. Another Old A’s legend, and great to have around the club. Has formed a fairly formidable partnership with Davey T and rumours are rife that they may talk to each other soon. Will be a major player in next years 7th team return to the top.

Tom Ruscniewicz (Rushnniewicz, Rushniewicz, Rustykneewick, Rushaboutabit, Runaroundincirclesabit, Rushhotroastedchestnutswivz) – Right Back/Midfield

Tom has fitted into the right back/midfield role well and is a totally committed player. Always wants to give a 101%, so only 99% to go then !!

Away to Weirside Rangers and the 6th team kept up their record of losing the toss. Weirside opted to go with the sun their eyes 1st half, knowing the conditions would worsen in the 2nd. The game started brightly for us and we were able to force Weirside back and started to look dangerous. Some good football created openings that weren’t taken and a decent Acton free kick was tipped over the bar. A second Acton free kick was struck with some power and found the bottom corner. 1 – 0 to Acton with a long way to go. Then a speculative effort from 30 yards or so was fumbled by the keeper and trickled into the net. Perhaps blinded by the sun, he was later to redeem himself with two excellent stops in the 2nd half. The rest of the initial 45 came to a close with both sides having half chances but not seriously threatening.

The second half was going to be a tricky affair with the next goal being vital. Weirside came at us intending to force the issue and both sides were now locked in a battle. We opted to play on the counter with two goals to protect and with Weirside, by their own admission post match, missing key players, there was not going to be a better opportunity to get three points off them. Then a defensive mix-up at the back allowed Acton to deliver the coup de grace and make it 3 – 0. Weirside to their credit refused to give up and threw everything forward but by now legs were tiring on their big pitch and, bar one smart stop from the Acton keeper, we were able to see the game out with a clean sheet.

Saturday 19th April had been a long time coming for the 5s, who have seen a turn around in results recently after a run of 8 straight defeats at the start of the year. An early meet at the club saw what looked like a procession of defendants on their way to the court house.

The bus rocked up with a Welsh driver, who claimed that he had never watched a football match and had last kicked a ball when he was 10 years old. He asked if we were professionals. Hopps assured him that we were. However, when we pulled into the Salesians ground, he realised we were not. We were just a bunch of overdressed wasters looking to make our club proud…

The obligatory pre match cup final pitch inspection suggested that the pitch was3 miles wide, better than it looked from a distance, and we went to get changed.

The crowd built up to an impressive number given this was a 5s final and following a rare, successful coin toss, we kicked off with the wind behind us.

A competitive start saw us dominate possession with some hard but fair tackles flying around. A string of corners led to increased pressure which finally paid off as bit Mark got his head to an outswinger to see the ball deflect off a defender’s thigh and past the poor helpless keeper. 1-0 and we were off.

As the half progressed Carshalton showed why they had made it to the final. They were quick on the break and saw a couple of efforts go narrowly wide. Then, after about 35 mins, their striker found himself through on goal. Howard chasing him, close, but not appearing to make contact, saw the aptly named “Bomber” drop in the box in a 3 stage motion. The ref was satisfied there had been contact and pointed to the spot. The striker finished convincingly from the spot. 1-1 and disbelief.

Determined not to let this set us back we attacked from the kick off and won a corner. Poyser says it was a flick on, everyone else says miscontrol. Either way, the ball fell to Studdert 8 yards out who spanked the ball home. 2-1 and back on top.

The second half saw the wind pick up and Carshalton come out fighting. However, we were confident enough in possession not to let them see enough of the ball to do anything with. Following a mishit cross from the skipper, the ball made its way to Abbey on the right, as it has done so many times this season. Every time thus far, Abbey had got a shot away, either high, wide, or saved. Not on cup final day however. His shot flew past the keeper and he was mobbed. 3-1.

Further chances began to come as the game opened up and Studdert added a 4th from a Sleight free kick, beating the keeper to the ball with an outstretched foot to lift it over him into the empty net.

Petryshyn came on for the skipper and was unlucky to have a goal disallowed when he was penalised for a debateable handball. Martinez then came close, but Carshalton refused to lie down and die. They kept going forwards when they got the chance and were rewarded for their persistence when the linesman flagged for a handball in the bo.x Again it was against Howard. A very debateable pen. Yes the ball hit his arm, but it was down by his side and was smashed against it. The ref didn’t give it until the linesman flagged. Following a brief chat he pointed to the spot. Again, the striker finished well. 4-2.

However, it was too little too late. The final whistle went and Old As had some silverware to enjoy this season. Our thanks go to the officials, to our hosts who were generous in their hospitality, and to our opponents who fought a hard but fair battle and were gracious in defeat.

The bus journey back was a drunken and enjoyable one with the club dinner being the cap to a fantastic day. This is why we play football. This is why we play for the Old Actonians. This is why we’ll be back again next season. Well done to all who played and those who were not involved on Saturday for whatever reason. Up the As…